9 Most Powerful One Punch man female Characters 2021

By | 3 September 2021

One-Punch Man is one of the best and most loved anime of all time which played really amazing role in entertaining their audience and with the best story and comedy journey of Saitama named as “One punch man“. He is the most powerful character in this series. One punch man series story revolves around the creatures of supernatural powers in the city and to slaughter them to save humanity a special organization was built named as “Hero Association”.

“Saitama” who was known as One punch man is not the only character that attracted the most of the audience but some of the Powerful female charters played their role so well and they were liked by the audience most in this amazing and comedy web series. So today in this blog we are going to list 9 Most Powerful one punch man female characters in 2021.

Here are 9 Most Powerful One Punch man female Characters 2021

one punch man female characters

According to anime-dailyThe list of 9 most powerful one punch man female Characters 2021 is given below:-

  • Captain Mizuki

  • Tatsumaki

  • Fubuki

  • Psykos

  • Mosquito Girl

  • Monster princess

  • Lin Lin

  • Suiko

  • Lily


1. Captain Mizuki

one punch man female characters

 Captain Mizuki is one of the most famous one-punch-man female characters in the series. By looking at her physique no one can tell that she is a girl with such a good physique and muscularity.

She is a member of S-class heroes that was knowns a one of the most powerful among all the heroes. Her physique with such great power made her loved by the audience.

Mizuki power possesses a power of leadership which makes her a good association hero to confront the monster in the city.

2. Tatsumaki

one punch man female characters

Tatsumaki is another girl with curly hair and wears a long black dress with four slits to the thigh showing off her slender legs. She is not that much tall as all the female characters but possesses powerful physic with such good powers which can defeat any monster in the city. Tatsumaki is the only character who fights alone with monsters in this series and doesn’t let her sister Fubuki fight.

Tatsumaki is the Rank 2 Heroin Class S, making her a truly powerful hero. She is one of the few characters so far that can use psychokinesis just like Fubuki, her little sister, and Psychos. By judging her appearance and look anyone can say she is a child but when it comes to the power she is the powerful hero from all the characters with such arrogant and powerful thinking.

3. Fubuki

one punch man female characters

So here comes the prettiest and favorite character of One punch man after Saitama. Fubuki is one of the most powerful and beautiful characters was first features in episode 2nd of the series. Fubuki is considered the class B. Fubuki has a group that is called ‘Blizzard Group’ which is full of Class B heroes.

She wants to beat her sister, which was the main reason why she created the group, knowing that Tatsumaki always fights monsters alone. Fubuki is also known as the prettiest character in the One punch man whole series that made her so popular throughout the series. And by looking at her physic anyone can fall in love with her physic.

4. Psykos

one punch man female characters

Psykos is one of the executioners in the Monster Association and the right-hand man of Orochi, the only one who leads the Monster Association.  Psykos is one of the few villains despite being a human. She was also a classmate of Fubuki back in high school.

Pykod has a powerful ability to defeat any monster. The audience loves the existence of Psykos in the series in spite of her being a villain because of her character design and stunning beauty that makes her interesting. Psykos unleashes psychic eye blasts.

5. Mosquito Girl

one punch man female characters

Here comes the monster of the story, Mosquito Girl who is one of the monsters and villains in the series that killed lots of people on her own, which makes her a very dangerous monster. Mosquito Girl was first introduced in season 1 that caused the whole city into a blood ocean.

The ability she posses that she can manipulate anyone in the city and sentenced them to death. Because of that makes her appearance the most powerful and prettiest among all the characters in the series.

6. Monster Princess

one punch man female characters

Monster Princess was one of the second most dangerous monsters in the series that was considered as a Dragon Threat Level. Fubuki who possesses such great powers cant defeat her alone. Monster Princess also possessed incredible speed and physical strength

No doubt she is the villain of the story but that is the thing that most audiences loved in the series and makes her the most beautiful of all of them.

7. Lin Lin

one punch man female characters

Lin Lin is considered the most pretty and cute character in the whole series because of her appearance and height. She is one of the most powerful martial artists in the whole series. The most common thing that loves by the audience is her Chinese-style outfit that is not even common in Japanese.

She wears a maroon qipao style top with white arm warmers and a scarf. She accessorizes with bells on her hair, ears, and shoes. She has gray eyes.

8. Suiko

one punch man female characters

Suiko is the only little sister of Suiryu and is the one who fights with the One punch man in the martial arts tournament. Suiko is one of the most caring and disciplined characters in the whole series. Suiko also became a professional hero just like her brother.

To serve people and to defeat monsters in order to protect humanity she joined the martial arts and did her best that made her powerful like others in the story.

9. Lily

one punch man female characters

Lily is one of the members of Blizzard Group, a group of professional heroes. Blizzard Group is also considered as the biggest group of heroes in the entire series that leads by Fubuki, the Class B Rank 1 Hero.

Lily is one of the most disciplined and lister characters of the series that when it comes to following Fubuki’s instructions she is the one who comes with most of it. Her appearance is not seen much in the story but is considered as the powerful anime female character among all of them.

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End of the Line:-

So, As I have mentioned the 9 Most Powerful One Punch man female Characters 2021  above with explanation and one punch man audience will love to see which female characters id more dope and come with most of the ability to be the most powerful and prettiest. In the end, we just want to know which characters you liked the most and your reviews on them how they look, their abilities, and their lifestyle. Do let me know in the comment section.

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