12 Best Sad Anime Movies 2021| That make your Cry Loud

By | 13 August 2021

Naruto and Onepiece type action-packed and thrilling shows just boom the anime world. So Anime fans, Here are some of the best sad anime movies 2021 that will make you cry aloud.

As I have been watching Anime shows, series past one year and the thing I love the most about these anime is every anime movie or web series tells a different story, you will never get bored or like sleepy feeling and anime movie creators are really doing a great job and they also love people to watch their very best anime frequently and they also care what people do while watching anime and they love to make every anime movie filled with emotional dramas, love stories, action, and some fights.

So, guys if you are a die-hard fan of anime like me then this is the right place where you are, and today in this blog I will address some of the best sad anime movies of 2021 that for sure make you cry Louder.

12 Best Sad Anime Movies 2021| That make your Cry Loud


1. “Chrono Crusade”

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Chrono Crusade is known as Chrno Crusade in Japan and Chrono Crusade was released in North America and is rated as a best out of the best sad anime movie by Manga. This anime is fully based on post-World war 1.In this series the main character Rosette Christopher and her demon partner follow the order of Magdaline. They travel through the whole of New York city to terminate the demons all over the country, and during that time Rosette one of the main anime characters nevertheless also searches for her lost brother, Joshua who was captured by Lord Aion.

 Ratings of IMDb –  7.2/10 

2.”The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” (2006)

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So, everyone wants to travel through time to go back into the past and watch how was I when I was in high school and many more things, So In this movie, a 17-year-old Makoto Konno discovers a message written on a board and suddenly she saws a walnut type object on the floor. With the help of a walnut-shaped object, Makoto superficially travels the time to fix the mistakes that she does while she was a kid. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was released in15 July 2006 and it really got a good response from the audience all over the world.

If you are more into adventure, stories, fights movie then this movie is worth watching. This movie was also awarded by Best Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the year.

Rating of IMDb- 7.7/10

3.”The Wind Rises” (2013)

sad anime movies

The Wind Rises is one of Japan’s most beautiful, creative, and most loved films and was released in Japan in 2013. In this movie, a young man Jiro Horikoshi dreamed to become a pilot, to make Japanese fighter planes during World war 2. But the only thing that is holding him back is his disease known as nearsightedness that creates a big hurdle in his path. So to pursue his dream he travels by train to learn how aeronautical engineering works and during that period he met with a girl named Naoko Satomi.

This movie is wholly based on aircraft and his experiments. So this is best for those who love to watch aircraft and a little motivational movie. During this movie, he failed a lot but to pursue his dream he tried a lot and in the final, he does what you will see in the movie at last. This movie was also awarded by Best Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the year, Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, and Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Rating of IMDb- 7.8/10


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4.”Grave Of The Fireflies”  (1988)


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This movie was made in the final month of the second world war and has been recognized as one of the most popular Japanese films. In this film, two siblings Seita and Setsuko of japan survive during the final month of the second world war.

Due to the bombing attack, their house was destroyed and they lost their mother too and A younger sibling of Setsuko took care of his sister. This movie is totally about how they survived during the second world war and how they managed to escape. They also won the Chicago International Children”s Film festival Award.

Rating of IMDb- 8.5/10

5.” Hotarubi no Mori e” (2011)

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Hotarubi no Mori e was published in Japan in 2002. This movie is based on a girl and a spirit. A young girl named Hotaru and a Gin. The story starts with the girl who lost her way back home while going into the mountains and there she founds a guy who is supernatural and was wearing a mask and then after a sometimes friendship of Hotaru and Gin begins, but as I told you because Gin is supernatural and is not allowed to physically touch and if Hotaru does, the spirit will disappear Immediately. After the story begins Hotaru comes into the forest every summer to meet Gin.

Ratings of IMDb -7.9/10

6.” Stand By Me Doraemon” (2014)

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Stand By Me Doraemon was a 3D animated science movie ad that was released on 8 August 2014. This movie was one of the most popular and rated as a best sad anime movie and is the highest-grossing movie of the japan with a box office of around 183 million dollars.

This movie is all about Nobita’s Life after Doraemon leaves. This movie was also awarded by Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year.

Rating of IMDb – 7.4/10

7.” Wolf Children”(2014)

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This movie is one of the most Interesting movies of all time. In this movie, A College student Hana falls in love with a mysterious man who can transform into a wolf, and yes don’t compare this movie with Twilight. So, after then they both have a Daughter and a named Yuki and a Son named Ame. After the time passed their father died in an accident while hunting for some food for them.

It was released in Paris on June 25, 2012. Later on, she somehow managed to keep their children’s identity hide from others, and who story is too interesting how they survived and how they lived after their father’s death with their Mom.

Ratings of IMDb – 8.1/10

8. Your Name (2016)

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Your Name is a very interesting, romantic, and sad anime movie of all the time and is based on A girl named Mitsuha living in the rural town of Itomori in Japan and she wishes to be a boy in her afterlife in Tokyo, Japan. A boy named Taki who was living in a Tokyo and they both switches their body and soul. In this movie, they both switch their soul and do the daily works. And that’s how their love begins. So they started chatting with each other and caring for their souls, and then they both got attached to their souls. This is the saddest anime movie I have ever watch.

One day they both were unable to switch bodies and the boy Taki got scared that he will not be able to meet Mitsuha in life so he started searching for her by all means. This movie grossed over 387.9 million dollars (2019) worldwide.

So a few months back I saw this movie someone told me to watch it and When I saw this movie I Literally can’t control my emotions and tears that automatically came out of my eyes.

Ratings of IMDb -8.4/10

9. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas (2018)

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I don’t know how should I start because whenever I spell this movie name I got emotional suddenly. A few months back I saw this beautifully romantic and emotional movie by his name it sound like a funny name but when I started watching this movie I really fell in love with the movie and this is the very first anime movie that made me cry aloud.

I Want to Eat your Pancreas was released on 1 September 2018. This movie is totally some of a full action-packed movie.  So this movie is based on a boy Haruki and a girl named Sakura. They both were in a School.

One day Haruki came across a book in a hospital while he was waiting. So here the story begins, the Haruki when opened the diary of his popular classmate named Sakura, he came across a very painful thing that Sakura is suffering from pancreatic Illness, and the chance of his Recovery is less. Later on, Sakura told him and after that, they started going out and then become good friends. She is totally mad about Haruki and loves to spend time with him and the boy Haruhi is not at all excited about everything was going on between them.

The story continues and one day they were planning to meet in a Cafe The whole day went Sakura didn’t appear in the Cafe and when Haruki went back to his house. He saw some very deeply saddened news about her friend Sakura. Then after this his whole life changed and this is the end of their love story and this part is the very saddest part of the movie and according to me, this movie is one of the saddest anime movies of all time.

Ratings of IMDb -8.0/10

10. Weathering With You (2019)

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Weathering With You is also one of the most famous Japanese sad anime movies and is also one of my favorite movies on my list. This movie is based on a boy who has run away from Kozu-Shima to Tokyo to get away from his sad Life and then he met with a girl who knows how to change weather anytime anywhere just by wishing towards the sky. They both met unexpectedly and then, later on, become friends, they both were struggling to manage their daily expenses and were not able to earn money then, she revealed her secret about manipulating Weather.

Then they both made a huge profit by manipulating weather and then time passes by, the situation came when Local police came across an intel of missing report of a boy.

The film Grossed over 193 million Dollar Worldwide. Weathering With You won the best international feature film.

Ratings of IMDb- 7.5/10

11. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (2009)

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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0  is a Japanese animated television series. When Tokyo caught a massive earthquake of 25 km under the sea at a magnitude of 8.0, two young siblings were visiting a robot exhibition in Odaiba at the beginning of their summer holidays.

A female motorcycle courier named Mari, who helped both of them to reach safely to their home and three of them really tried their best to get off through this apocalyptic and succeed safely. This movie is filled with thrill, action, and a very sad story that makes it interesting for everyone who watches it.

Rating of IMDb – 7.9/10

12. A Silent Voice (2016)

sad anime movies

A silent voice is a Japanese sad anime movie that premiered on August 24, 2016. This movie is based on a boy named Ishida soya who intends to kill himself, but he changes his mind at the last second and decided to live. Then later on One day a girl named Shoko Nishimiya joins Shoya’s class and revealed that she is deaf and not able to Listen.

Then Shoya started bullying her in class until she got sad and left the school. Later on, he felt bad about his sins and then he started working on how to make friends and how to be good and then after few days he saw shook and felt very bad about her and decided to be sorry in front of her then they become good friends and then the story continues.

Ratings of IMDb- 8.2/10

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End of the line:- As I have mentioned some of the 12 Best Sad Anime Movies 2021 that make you cry loud and above I have also mentioned the IMDB ratings of every anime movie. So please share your reviews in my comment section of which anime you liked the most.

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