Top Best places in Europe to celebrate Christmas ( 2021)

Best places in Europe to celebrate Christmas

Christmas Day is coming! The biggest joy of Life is coming. Markets of Europe and the other markets are just blooming because of the festival. Santa Claus is also waiting for the festival to give gifts to the children of God and spread happiness all over Europe. This festival is not just a festival for the people who celebrate this festival with full joy and happiness. This festival is famous because on this day the birth of Jesus Christ took place. The Mass of Christ (or Jesus) is the only reason behind this name Christmas. Every best places in Europe to celebrate Christmas is decorated with joy and every European destination is dressed with its finest decorations. Before this holy eve everyone buys some decoration stuff from the famous markets of Europe to make this festival unforgettable. Some of the people buy the finest trees in Europe and decorate them with red, blue, greenlights, etc, and snow also expected in a few of the cities of Europe. Snowfall is just like the star to their festival just like the star on the top of the tree just to complete it or make it perfect

Which are the best places in  Europe to celebrate Christmas and to shop for Christmas eve?


So, here are some of the best cities in Europe to visit during the Christmas season to buy some gifts or some goodies for your family and some of the decoration material.

1.Poznan (Poland)


best places in Europe to celebrate Christmas


Poland is a city on the Warta¬†River in west-central¬†Poland, in the¬†Greater Poland region. PoznaŇĄ¬†is the fifth-largest and one of the oldest¬†cities in Poland. The city’s population is 538,633 and it’s (2011 census). PoznaŇĄ¬†is a¬†center of trade, sports, education, technology, and tourism. It is an academic site, with about 130,000 students and Polish university is the third-largest university. According to numbeo Family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,041$ without rent (using our estimator). … A single person estimated monthly costs are 608$¬† without¬†rent. Cost of living index in¬†Poznan¬†is 54.93% lower than in New York. The reason behind you must visit Poznan to celebrate Christmas is that this place is full of surprise and Wroclaw¬†Christmas Market¬†is regarded as one of the¬†best Christmas markets in Poland and one of the best places in Europe to celebrate Christmas.

2.Brussels (Belgium)


Best places in Europe to celebrate Christmas

Brussels is one of the most famous and one of the best places in Europe to celebrate Christmas. and very attractive for tourists. Brussels is in the north-central part of Belgium, about 68 (miles) from the Belgian coast and about (110 mi) from Belgium’s southern tip. It is located in the heartland of the Brabantian Plateau. Brussels Christmas market is opened from 12 am to 10 PM, starting on the last Friday of November and until the first Sunday of January. On December 24 and 31 December, it closes at 6 PM. Brussels is an expensive city because it is the hub of many big business people and it’s their place and eating food in Brussels is none lesser than buying Gold or any expensive item you wear.

3.Dresden (Germany)


Best places in Europe to celebrate Christmas

Dresden is the capital city of the German¬†state and its second-most popular city, after Leipzig. According to Wikipedia ¬†Dresden metropolitan area has approximately 1.34 million inhabitants. Dresden is one of the most visited cities in Germany with 4.7 million overnight stays per year. It’s one of the most famous and best places in Europe to celebrate christmas and very famous for its buildings in the Frauenkirche¬†located at the¬†Neumarkt. Dresden Striezelmarkt¬†is located on the¬†Altmarkt Square and is surrounded by various themed Christmas Markets, that you would love to visit and enjoy a glimpse.

4.Strasbourg (France)


Best places in Europe to celebrate Christmas

¬†Strasbourg is the capital and largest city of the Grand Eastern¬†region¬†of¬†France¬†and is the¬†official place¬†of the¬†European Parliament. ¬†Strasbourg is located at the border with Germany¬†in the historic region of¬†Alsace. The city is some 397 kilometers (247 mi) east of¬†Paris. ¬†Strasbourg is one of the best places in Europe to celebrate Christmas and visit in 2020¬† and it is one of the most beautiful places very well known for its cathedrals and you’ll see some of the best traditional wooden stalls packed with lovely Christmas tree ornaments, figurines, and heartwarming seasonal specialties such as roasted chestnuts, chocolate cookies. The atmosphere with carol singing keeps alive, Nativity plays, and glistening ice-skating rinks that you would hardly resist the temptation to jump on. Strasbourg is one of the expensive cities and to travel nearby Strasbourg you need to spend a lot more money than food or a glass of beer. A half-liter of chilled beer during the summer season will cost you nearly 5-6 Euros and if you are further planning for dinner then you have to lose your pocket triple than a half-liter beer nearly 20-30 euro.

5.Vienna Austria



Best places in Europe to celebrate Christmas


Vienna is one of my favorite and best places in Europe to celebrate Christmas with family in 2020 the reason behind this is that Vienna is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is the center of arts and classical music. Vienna is famous for its cultural events, imperial sights, coffee houses, cozy wine taverns, etc. Vienna transforms into some of the very beautiful markets in the world during the Christmas festival from mid of Nov to End of December. The streets and every place in Vienna are decorated with a variety of festive lights making simply wandering.

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Hello! where are you going now at the end of this blog I just want to wish you a very and happy Christmas day and I hope you doing well and celebrating the days before Christmas day and if anyone is new in Europe must check this blog to know some of the Interesting Facts about Europe and one more thing do check out my previous blog post about some of the best food of Europe you have never eaten before exploring  Europe.

So, at last, just want to thank you once again to give your valuable time to read this blog if you want me to add some more information to do this blog and how can I improve that do let me know, and also you have to tell me which of the places you visit or going to visit during Christmas holidays.